Shanlous (2009 - 2012)

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Litter 1

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d.o.b.         Name: Sex Health: Owner:
07/10/2009   Shanlous Big And Bold Male    
07/10/2009   Shanlous It Had To Be Me Male   Mrs L.A. Byles
07/10/2009   Shanlous Ive Done It Male    
07/10/2009   Shanlous Just Perfect Female    
07/10/2009   Shanlous Number One Male    
07/10/2009   Shanlous Perfect Princess Female   Mrs B. Jones
07/10/2009   Shanlous Queen Of The Day Female   Mr & Mrs C. & L. Dawson
07/10/2009   Shanlous Sit And Stare Female   Mr & Mrs B.A. & W.J. Collins
07/10/2009   Shanlous Theres Only One Male    
07/10/2009   Shanlous Wasnt Me Male    

Litter 2

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d.o.b.         Name: Sex Health: Owner:
19/12/2009   Shanlous Best Of The Best Male   Mrs L.J. Jones & Mr S.D. Halliday
19/12/2009   Shanlous Daddies Princess Female   Mr & Mrs T. & J. Howell
19/12/2009   Shanlous Fight For Glory Male   Mr & Mrs M. & J. Clarke
19/12/2009   Shanlous Golden Girl Female Eyes Clear 30/07/11 Mr & Mrs P. & M. Betterton
19/12/2009   Shanlous Just Delightfull Female    
19/12/2009   Shanlous Keo Da'Leo Female Hips 3:5, Elb 0, Eyes Clear 18/06/11 Mr & Mrs R. Green
19/12/2009   Shanlous Keola's Star at Stravryansky Female Hips 6:6, Elb 0, Eyes Clear 16/06/12 Mrs J.P. & Miss S.L. Darke
19/12/2009   Shanlous Lightening Strike Male    
19/12/2009   Shanlous Simply The Best Male   Mrs A. Leaby

Litter 3

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d.o.b.         Name: Sex Health: Owner:
18/02/2011   Shanlous First Place Girl Female   Mrs A.J. Goodacre
18/02/2011   Shanlous Just Say Yes Male   Mr P.A. & Mrs T.A. Brown
18/02/2011   Shanlous Chaos Is Calling Female    
18/02/2011   Shanlous Lightening Paws Male   Mr & Mrs M. & K. Hayselden
18/02/2011   Shanlous Look At Me Female Hips 6:4 Miss C. Heath-Pratt & Mr & Mrs C. Pratt
18/02/2011   Shanlous Scream And Shout Female   Mr M.O. Roberts & Miss L.C. Morgan
18/02/2011   Shanlous Seconds No Option Female Hips 5:4, Elb 0, Eyes Clear 05/08/13 Mrs L.B. Francis-Taylor
18/02/2011   Shanlous Talk To The Paw Male    
18/02/2011   Shanlous So Whatever Male   Mr & Mrs S. & T. Rimington
18/02/2011   Shanlous Spirit's Boy Male   Miss C. Penrose
18/02/2011   Shanlous Thunder Feet Male   Mr R.B. & Mr M.W. Welsh

Litter 4

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d.o.b.         Name: Sex Health: Owner:
21/07/2011   Shanlous Best In Show Male   Mrs G. Crooks
21/07/2011   Shanlous Indianna Female   Mrs S.J. Jarvis
21/07/2011   Shanlous Juno Star Female Hips 5:4, Elb 0, Eyes Clear 27/07/13 Mr & Mrs P. & M. Betterton
21/07/2011   Shanlous Karmakins Female   Mrs J. Shoolbrand
21/07/2011   Shanlous Keola's Dream Female    
21/07/2011   Shanlous King Khan Male    
21/07/2011   Shanlous Prince Kobi Male   Mr A. Constant & Miss C. Barnes
21/07/2011   Shanlous Princess Keo Female   Ms M.G. Carralero

Litter 5

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d.o.b.         Name: Sex Health: Owner:
21/10/2011   Shanlous Black n'White Female   Mr L. Harris-Ward
21/10/2011   Shanlous Boy Blue Male   Mrs K. Bass
21/10/2011   Shanlous Brown Bear Male   Mrs S. Cancellara
21/10/2011   Shanlous Golden Glow Female Eyes Clear 25/02/13 Mr & Mrs N.D. & R.A. Robinson
21/10/2011   Shanlous Golden Sunshine Female   Mrs S. Williams
21/10/2011   Shanlous Green Envy Female    
21/10/2011   Shanlous Green Girl Female Hips 5:5, Elb 0 Mr & Mrs R. Green
21/10/2011   Shanlous Lilac Lady Female    
21/10/2011   Shanlous Lionheart Male    
21/10/2011   Shanlous Pink Princess Female    
21/10/2011   Shanlous Pretty In Pink Female   Mr R. Brooks & Miss G. Quarrington
21/10/2011   Shanlous Tiger Feet Male    

21/10/2011   Shanlous Turquoise Lad


Litter 6

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d.o.b.         Name: Sex Health: Owner:
11/09/2012   Shanlous Kearn Kaci Female Hips 5:4, Elb 0, Eyes Clear 07/04/15 Mrs R. Robinson
11/09/2012   Shanlous Kearn Kalice Female   Mr & Mrs P.A. & D.H. Black
11/09/2012   Shanlous Kearn Keahi Male   Ms T. Watson
11/09/2012   Shanlous Kearn Kearna Female    
11/09/2012   Shanlous Kearn Kennan Male   Ms E. McGarry
11/09/2012   Shanlous Kearn Keo Female    
11/09/2012   Shanlous Kearn Keoki Male   Mr S.A. Barras & Ms R.M. Mclean
11/09/2012   Shanlous Kearn Khalil Male   Mr & Mrs S.J. & R.L. Burgess
11/09/2012   Shanlous Kearn Kiane Female    
11/09/2012   Shanlous Kearn Kiki Female   Mr B.J. Thompson
11/09/2012   Shanlous Kearn Knox Male   Mrs M Brandrick
11/09/2012   Shanlous Kearn Kody Male   Mr L. Maxwell
11/09/2012   Shanlous Kearn Koral Female Hips 8:10, Elb 0 Mrs A.L. Harris
11/09/2012   Shanlous Kearn Kynan Male