Rossnick (1993 - 1997)

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Litter 13

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d.o.b.         Name: Sex Health: Owner:
03/06/1993   Rossnick Nana Darling Female    
03/06/1993   Rossnick Naughty but Nice Female Hips 6:2 M.R. Escott & Mrs. C.Peters
03/06/1993   Rossnick Nautilus Male    
03/06/1993   Rossnick Neptune Male   Mr & Mrs O'Sullivan
03/06/1993   Rossnick Never Say Die Male    
03/06/1993   Rossnick Nice One Cleo Female Hips 4:4 Mr D. Griffin
03/06/1993   Rossnick Nicnac Paddy Wack Male    
03/06/1993   Rossnick Nightingale Female Hips 4:6 Mrs J. Guntrip
03/06/1993   Rossnick Nijinsky Male    
03/06/1993   Rossnick No Grouse Male   Mrs J. van Herson
03/06/1993   Rossnick Nordic Light Male    
03/06/1993   Rossnick Not So Dusty Male Hips 4:6 Mr & Mrs D. Brindley
03/06/1993   Rossnick Nutmeg Female Hips 8:7 Mr & Mrs A. Brooks
03/06/1993   Rossnick Nutty Nora Female   Mrs M. Schelbeck

Litter 14

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d.o.b.         Name: Sex Health: Owner:
07/12/1995   Rossnick Obsession Female Hips 24:17 Mr & Mrs B. & S.C. Horton
07/12/1995   Rossnick Oh Boy Male    
07/12/1995   Rossnick Oops a Daisy of Canterwey Female Hips 4:5 Mrs K.A. Evans
07/12/1995   Rossnick Otis Male   Mrs L.L. Roberts

Litter 15

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d.o.b.         Name: Sex Health: Owner:
05/05/1996   Rossnick Painted Lady Female   Mrs J.M.T. van Iterson
05/05/1996   Rossnick Perchance to Dream Female Hips 3:2, Elb 0 Mrs J. Brown
05/05/1996   Rossnick Perfect Prince Male   Miss K. Tolgyes & Mr. C.Randall
05/05/1996   Rossnick Peter Piper Male   Mrs A. Hanish-Oakes
05/05/1996   Rossnick Pheasant Plucker Male   Mrs S. Pocock
05/05/1996   Rossnick Pickled Pepper Female   Mr R.D. Somerville
05/05/1996   Rossnick Polly Pocket Female    
05/05/1996   Rossnick Prima Donna Female    

Litter 16

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d.o.b.         Name: Sex Health: Owner:
11/11/1996   Rossnick Qed Male   Mr & Mrs Cononi
11/11/1996   Rossnick Quartermaster Male    
11/11/1996   Rossnick Quazar Male   Mrs E. Robinson
11/11/1996   Rossnick Queen of Tarts Female    
11/11/1996   Rossnick Queen of the Faery Female Hips 4:4, Elb 1 Mrs Celia Peters
11/11/1996   Rossnick Querida Female   Mrs A.M. Heatley-Jeffries
11/11/1996   Rossnick Question of Class Female   Mr A.K. Foster
11/11/1996   Rossnick Quick March Male   Mr J.A. Tweedie
11/11/1996   Rossnick Quiet a Lady Female    
11/11/1996   Rossnick Quiet Strength Male Hips 28:26 Mrs S. Pelling
11/11/1996   Rossnick Qujay Son of Ujay Male Hips 7:7, Elb 0 Mr & Mrs G. Raynor
11/11/1996   Rossnick Quo Vadis Male Hips 7:7 Mrs D. Odonoghue

Litter 17

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d.o.b.         Name: Sex Health: Owner:
09/06/1997   Rossnick Radient Ruth Female    
09/06/1997   Rossnick Raising a Riot Male    
09/06/1997   Rossnick Rhapsody Female Hips 4:7, Elb 0 Mrs Celia Peters
09/06/1997   Rossnick Rhyme & Reason at Seaxa Female Hips 5:5, Elb 0 Mr & Mrs I. & S.L. Richardson
09/06/1997   Rossnick Rich Witch Female   Mr G. Morley
09/06/1997   Rossnick Ride the Waves Male Hips 3:2, Elb 0 Mr M. Bradbrook
09/06/1997   Rossnick River Dancer Female Elb 0 Mr C.T. Quilter
09/06/1997   Rossnick Rock on Tommy Male    
09/06/1997   Rossnick Roll over Beethoven Male Hips 2:6, Elb 2, Eyes Clear 13/08/03 Mr J.J. Studzinski
09/06/1997   Rossnick Rollicking Roger at Maskenmane Male   Mr I. Willett & Ms. J.A.Arden
09/06/1997   Rossnick Romance in Red Female   Mr & Mrs J. & A. Vaughan
09/06/1997   Rossnick Roses are Red Female    

Litter 18

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d.o.b.         Name: Sex Health: Owner:
21/08/1997   Rossnick Sailor Male    
21/08/1997   Rossnick Scarlet Woman Female    
21/08/1997   Rossnick Sinful Skinful Female Hips 3:4, Elb 0 Mrs Celia Peters
21/08/1997   Rossnick Smuggler Male   Mrs J.E. Bourn
21/08/1997   Rossnick Soldier Male