Stud Dogs for Litters born between 01/01/2021 - 31/12/2030

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This section lists the Sires of all the litters born in the U.K. from 01/01/2011 to 31/12/2020

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Name of Sire

Name of Dam

Link to Litter D o B
Amathus One Special Guy from Jarno Alfross Kapakira Kofel Alfross Litter 16


Amathus One Special Guy from Jarno Rossnick Xpialidicious with Nexgen Nexgen Litter 2


Bavaruki Kusan Beefmaster Jantonely Spellbinder with Onaway Onaway Litter 4


Bavaruki Kusan Beefmaster Waterscape Chopine Waterscape Litter 3


Debbollinby Kandy Man at Lionsridge Hima Psia Psota into Lionsridge Lionsridge Litter 1 04/06/2021
Fablernas Med Karlek I Hjartat at Simberger Simberger Pixie Crunch Simberger Litter 12 22/01/2021
Jantonely's Vagabond Cleon Lady Pinkel Boogie at Jantonely Jantonely Litter 25 07/06/2021
Lempileijonan Tulin Voittamaan with Condalf Rua Soleil Borghetto Belini for Kaleobears Kaleobears Litter 1 23/02/2021
Lempileijonan Itse Kateudenpoika Mayaberg Equiana's Answer Mayaberg Litter 2 31/05/2021
Lionscourt Fitzcaraldo Lionscourt Heavenly Hana Lionscourt Litter 12


Luksus Szachal at Lendever Lendevers Majestic Queen Lendever Litter 18


Medvebergi Maszkos Simply Red of Lionize Lionize Don't Dilly Dally Lionize Litter 7


Quebec Du Plateau Bavarois Leonmoor Nevada Leonmoor Litter 42 24/01/2021
Saljay Mr Lover Man Amathus One Special Lady from Jarno Jarno Litter 1


Shaleodust Fire Cracker for Debbollinby Debbollinby Angel I Ain't Gilvaris Litter 4 19/01/2021
Shaleodust Fire Cracker for Debbollinby Little Miss Giggles Butler Litter 2 26/01/2021
Wolfen Ogaleesha avec Simberger Simberger Kolmarden Simberger Litter 13 17/05/2021